TigerTours Ltd
81 - 83 Wembley Hill Road
Wembley, Middlesex,
Tel: 0208 902 1006


Welcome to TigerTours Ltd. The largest supplier of splitter vans in the UK and Europe.

We Are Specialist Independant Splitter Vans, Crew Bus and Mini Van suppliers to The Entertainment and Music Industry in the UK and Europe. Benefiting from owning our own professional workshop we know vehicles like no one else in this industry.

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Why use TigerTours?

We Specialise in Splitter Van, Crew Bus and Mini Van Hirers and Suppliers to The Entertainment and Music Industry in the UK and Europe.

We aim to set hire standards and lead the way in our industry and we know we offer the best service by understanding every aspect of our business.

Brand new Splitter Buses Added This Year.

Feb/March 2012. Spec includes Air Con, Rear Heaters, Auto/Manual Table/Forward Facing..........Get In First!!
These are the NEW 316 Cdi........

Also NEW MINI Six Seat Splitters have arrived. Seat Vitos with smaller holding areas.

The crew at TigerTours consist of professionals from the motor trade as well as experienced tour managers and backline techs giving the perfect blend of knowledge. We have the unique position of owning our own professional, government approved workshop to keep
our fleet of Splitter Buses regularly serviced.

Everyone wants a deal, but why cut corners on a your transport?
Live gig's are where your band or artist can reach fans.
With records sales falling and budgets doing the same its really one part of touring that should
not be compromised on!!

Splitter Bus and Hotels are the cheapest easiest and most of all the environmentally friendliest way to tour, its been proven time and time again.

Mercedes says the 316 cdi Sprinter is 15% more fuel-efficient than the 311 cdi it replaces, which equates to an extra 4.5 miles per gallon. CO2 emissions are claimed to be reduced by 13%, while power and torque are up by approximately 10%. This is why we choose to make our Splitter Vans from these vehicles and will
continue to use the best.......

If you want good sound you get a good sound tech, if you want your drums sorted get a drum tech............ why if you need good transport would you go anywhere else but to trained Mechanics? We have run a successful motor vehicle repair and servicing garage for over 25 years!!

We do special offers from time to time.....

get on our mailing list for more info........

We CAN match your budget............

(sometimes i.e certain times of the year!)

Splitter Vans & Buses and Tour Management For The Entertainment Industry.... 
The LARGEST and NEWEST fleet in the UK possibly the entire planet.

WE CURRENTLY RUN THE LARGEST FLEET OF VEHICLES!! Everything to suit your budget from £70 per day plus vat to £100 per day plus vat. 

To get the best deal's direct to you as and when they come up or to be notified of cancellations over busy periods please join our mailing list.

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